Free Shipping to the USA on orders over $40!
Free Shipping to the USA on orders over $40!
Free Shipping to the USA on orders over $40!
At Richmond Medical, we have been supplying medical and hygiene products for more then 8 years. We are proud to supply you with premium quality brands that include Swann-Morton, Suturing Doctor and Clinell. These brands are at the forefront of their fields so contact Richmond Medical today if you require any of these products. Furthermore, we can offer you supplies that are tailored to your needs.

Swann-Morton are manufacturers of the highest quality blades and at Richmond Medical we are proud to feature the premium Swann-Morton retractaway handle. The feature page for the Retractaway Handle can be found here – Retractaway Tips & Ideas

Suturing Doctor manufacter didactic aids that help improve surgical techniques through the improvement of manual dexterity skills. These premium products include the Suturing Practice Kit, the Surgical Knot Tying Kit and the Injection Practice Kit. We are excited to announce that more innovative didactic products are coming soon.

Clinell products are a part of our hygiene range, along with the Go-Hygiene toilet seat covers. These products come together and create an essential travel companion for germ prevention. Visit the Hygiene section of our website for peace of mind.

If you have any specific needs, or any technical questions please contact Richmond Medical today using one of the options below.

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