Free Shipping to the USA on orders over $40!
Free Shipping to the USA on orders over $40!
Free Shipping to the USA on orders over $40!

Products by Swann-Morton

Swann-Morton are famous for producing products of the HIGHEST CRAFTSMANSHIP QUALITY. Available at Richmond-Medical are a range of sterile and non-sterile blades and handles finished to the finest surgical quality.

For Sterile Blades from Swann-Morton visit the Sterile Supplies section here.

Most notable, the Swann Morton® No.3 Craft Handle has become the acclaimed epitome of Professionals Worldwide. It’s the perfect precision cutting tool and a must-have product for any professional.

Make life easier with the Swann-Morton premium retractaway handle. How is it useful? Which blades are compatible? Watch a video here.

Many handles can be teamed with different blade options to give a durable cost-effective craft knife that will give years of service.

Swann-Morton products are well worth the investment as it will bring sheer satisfaction from using some of the finest handles and blades in the World. When it comes to fine detail work and accurate cutting, these products are capable of coping with pretty much anything you can throw at it from Papercutting to Carving details into Milliput maquette. Swann-Morton products really are the Rolls-Royce of blades.

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