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Free Shipping to the USA on orders over $40!
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Swann Morton Premium Retractaway Handle Tips & Ideas

Swann Morton Premium Retractaway Handle

On this page you can find exclusive features that highlight the versatility of the handle.  Fit the retractaway with many different blades, as shown in the photographs on this page. A primary feature of this handle is full retraction, therefore you can see each blade been fully retracted, as featured in our video.

With any of the Swann Morton blades, you can achieve precise cuts, making them ideal for your next professional crafting project. The Retractaway handle can also fit the economy range of Titan blades, so simply look for the compatible blades in both ranges.


Other Retractaway Features

The Swann-Morton handle also features a hole, which is handy to easily store safely. Purchase a box of ten, pre-fit all the blades that you need, then easily swap and safely retract each blade. Why not label each retractaway handle as featured in the video?

Another feature of the retractaway handle is that it has a defined working position. Therefore the blade is secure in the retractaway, offering complete control for the crafting professional.

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