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Free Shipping to the USA on orders over $40!
Free Shipping to the USA on orders over $40!

Hygiene Products that are Pocket Sized

Essential Products for Peace of Mind

Don’t leave home without your hygiene essentials. These must haves are a pack of Go-Hygiene! Flushable Paper Toilet Seat Covers and a pack of Clinell® Anti-Bacterial Wipes that kill 99.999% of germs! These amazing hygiene products keep you safe when out and about, travelling and whilst at work. Enjoy peace of mind today!


Instant Anti-bacterial Power

Clinell® Anti-Bacterial Hand Wipes are one of the Most Effective Anti-Bacterial Hand Wipes on the Market containing a sanitising Disinfectant that Works in just 10 Seconds!

You can now Clean and Disinfect Hands in One Easy Step, carry your pack anywhere.

The Powerful Antibacterial Formula Kills 99.999% of Germs and Rapidly Disinfects Hands Without the Need for Soap and Water. However you still get the clean feeling from the Aloe Vera that helps to Moisturise and Refresh Hands.


Seat Covers That Protect You

This hygiene essential creates a barrier with an unsanitary toilet seat. Be protected when out and about.

Simply place one or two of these flushable paper seat covers over a Toilet Seat and get a Germ-Free Protective Barrier against Cross-Infection.

Self-Flushing and ideal for when needing to use a Public Toilet.

Buy a pack of flushable toilet seat covers today right here at Richmond Medical.

Flushable Toilet Seat Covers

Clinell Wipes

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