Free Shipping to the USA on orders over $40!
Free Shipping to the USA on orders over $40!
Free Shipping to the USA on orders over $40!

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The Swann-Morton No 3. Handle 

There is an extensive range of small replaceable blade SHAPES to choose from. No.9, No.10, No.10R, No.10A, No.11, No.11P, No.12, No.12D, No. 14, No.15, No.15A and No.15 can all be mounted onto this handle – this results in a highly versatile cutting tool suitable for a variety of cutting work hand manoeuvres.

You can see a selection of the blades that will fit your No. 3 handle below.

Visit our Swann-Morton page to buy blades today.

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Also available is the Swann-Morton Premium Retractaway Handle. You can view more information and watch a video about it here. If you would like to buy it on Amazon USA you can do here. If you would like to buy it from the UK you can do so at Amazon UK.

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Read more about the Swann-Morton Retractaway Handle and Watch a Video on How it Could Benefit You.

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