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Free Shipping to the USA on orders over $40!
Free Shipping to the USA on orders over $40!

Buy your new suture practice kit for medical students

See our range of kits especially designed for medical students. Each kit has been designed with specific medical fields in mind. Elevate your manual dexterity skills by becoming proficient at using your chosen kit. Find out more about each new suture practice kit for medical students.

Suturing Practice Kit

Our Suturing practice kit is ideal for those wanting to get proficient at different types of suturing. Included in this kit is a Needle Holder and a set of 12 sutures in various materials and gauges. These sutures have 75cm long length thread to help hone different suturing techniques. By Suturing Doctor is the pad that includes a special micro-material to facilitate thread retention during knot tying manoeuvres. These kits include everything that is needed to practice suturing straight away providing a heightened competence in surgical techniques. If you wish to learn more about the our new suture practice kit for medical students then watch our video here.

Knot Trainer

There are many features to our Knot Trainer. Start practicing your surgical knots with our larger thread that is supplied. Then use the various posts with the thinner, blue thread, making it more of a challenge to tie surgical knots a speed. Finally use the 4mm suture thread as a surgical professional would. Use the plastic obstruction to practice tying in deep areas thus elevating your manual dexterity skills.

Purchase, View and Talk

Now you have read about our key features of these practice kits you can purchase one above. Watch videos on our products and talk about them in the forums.

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